Rise Africa highlights ‘The Feminist Edition’ for the month of November

November 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Rise Africa is a multimedia platform where individuals can connect and communicate about Africa, African Culture, and the Diaspora.  The platform is particularly geared toward “vocalizing the frustrations of [African] people as well as generating resolutions to change the media-enhanced perception of Africa as the world’s handicapped continent.”  Rise Africa highlights everything from (fabulous!) art and culture, to activism, law, history, and ethics. Although primarily a community for Africans,  it is nevertheless an enlightening, lively, and enriching read for all visitors.

This month, Rise Africa’s theme is Feminism. More specifically, it asks, “What does Feminism look like in Africa?” All community members are encourage to submit articles, blogposts, art, etc surrounding this question.

For the African woman raised abroad, reading bell hooks, and Patricia Hill Collins, Melissa Perris Harry, Audre Lorde, what does it mean to be an African woman, and feminist? For the woman growing up on the continent, where the presence and pressure of culture is present, what does it mean to be an African woman, and feminist? For the brothers, sons, uncles, grandfather, lovers, and friends, what will it mean to them to love an African feminist, or be an African feminist?

If you are interested in contributing, you can email your article submission to info@africaisdonesuffering.com. You can also follow along with all of the submission here, as they become available.


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