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Have you heard of Formerly known as Data Without Borders, DataKind “brings together leading data scientists with high impact social organizations through a comprehensive, collaborative approach that leads to shared insights, greater understanding, and positive action through data in the service of humanity.” It’s a brilliant idea that, even in it’s short tenure, has already had impressive impact. For example, these were some of the preliminary project descriptions from the World Bank before their March DataKind datadrive, and the video below discusses results. Also,  Canopy is a project that came out of a DataKind event a few weeks ago. As Adam Laiacano notes, “The NYC Parks Department brought full dumps of their databases and a handful of questions. Volunteers brought their modeling, data munging, visualizing, and overall hacking skills.”

‘Data Scientist,’ as you know, is a burgeoning profession with immense projected growth. It’s not surprising that some of the top firms and non-profits have hired their own in-house data specialist (or team of specialists). But for those not up to speed or are fiscally unable to hire a data scientists, DataKind is a fabulous idea that allows good causes to harness and interact the unique and priceless troves of data they collect.

Simply put, datakind is very cool.

You can volunteer or access the services of  Datakind here, and follow DataKind’s blog here.


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