International AIDS Day

December 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

We Will Not Die Like Dogs is a 2005 documentary by Lisa Russell (of Governess Films), which profiles activists in Uganda, Burkina Faso, Zambia, and Nigeria. It was envisioned by two African Yale medical students who were tired of seeing Africans portrayed only as victims to the epidemic of AIDS. Other documentaries by Ms. Russell can be seen here and here (albeit in low res).

Today is International AIDS Day. There is much to celebrate about with a 50 per cent decline in new HIV infections in 25 low- and middle-income countries since 2001. But is that progress slowing? There is still much to learn and much, much more to achieve by way of preventative social intervention, curative health intervention, and policy to protect those suffering or left behind. Take a minute today to read a few sources and learn about the history and present situation of this pandemic. The reality of over 30 million deaths may feel distant and abstract to you, but it only takes a moment to use your imagination and sense the reality of it on a personal, familial, communal, and national level.


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