The Young Carers Project

July 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

Lucie Cluver, whose pioneering work was recently highlighted in the New York Review blog, was an instructor in my master’s program at the University of Oxford. A kind but confidently strong-willed and focused personality, Cluver has dedicated her passion, time and talents over the past decade to better understanding the situation of children in South Africa who have lost or cared for parents with HIV/AIDS. Her research has reported that children in these circumstances are more likely to be bullied, have mental health problems, display educational deficits, and contract HIV as adolescents than their counterparts (whose parents have either died from other causes or do not have HIV/AIDS). From both a public health and a social justice perspective, the situation of these children (an estimated 1.4 million) must be recognized and addressed.

The Young Carers project, conceived by Cluver, has interviewed 6000 children and 2600 caregivers in South Africa. You can read some of their research findings here, which have contributed to a number of policies and plans by the South African National and Provincial Government, the Southern African Development Community, the Government of Lesotho, UNICEF, Save the Children, WHO and USAID.



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  • Anonymous says:

    […] by way of preventative social intervention, curative health intervention, and policy to protect those suffering or left behind. Take a minute today to learn about the history and present situation of this pandemic. The reality […]

  • Some 70 million children in sub-Saharan Africa alone are likely to be directly affected by HIV as individuals living with people who are sick as a result of AIDS. Many are also providing care to younger siblings or now living with and caring for older grandparents. REPSSI (The Psychosocial Support Initiative) serves 2000 project sites and 5 million children in 13 countries, and we have been working closely with the Cluver and the Young Carers Project.

    REPSSI offers Program Guidelines on Supporting Young Carers to help them feel less vulnerable and supported in their role as a young carer. These guidelines are not aimed for use directly with young carers but were designed to be of use to teachers, home based carers and community workers who work with young carers or households in which there are young carers. See:

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