If Your Friends Were

May 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Amnesty International has developed a unique way to help the bell toll more clearly for all of us. They have created a web app (which is very quick and easy to use) that connects to your Facebook account and summarizes how many of your friends would suffer various human rights violations if you lived in the given country that you select (e.g. Syria, North Korea or the DRC). It only takes about a minute to complete, and suddenly you see the faces of your friends matched up against titles such as “murdered,” or “could die from lack of medical care,” “battered,” or “illiterate.”

Yes, there are broad generalizations being made here and things are a bit out of context, but the point of the app is clear. Would we care more if it really were our friends and families suffering human rights violations?

Of course we would.

When I ran the app, one of my friends who just had a baby was assigned to the “died in childbirth” category. Suddenly affect kicked in.

See if you can make the conceptual link between the video above and the video below (there is one cuss word, for those with kids around):



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