Products of Slavery

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment


Anti-Slavery International (founded in 1839) is the world’s oldest international human rights organization.

Through this ‘Products of Slaveryinteractive visualization, Anti-Slavery International hopes to raise awareness about the scale of slavery and provide information about countries and goods produced with forced labour and child labour.

It accounts for 58 countries and suggests that 122 specific products involved forced labour, child labour or both. They also include ‘facts’ about these products in the form of excerpts from scholarly/government reports and quotes from individuals (click on individual products to see).

The primary sources of data for this infographic come from the United States Government, specifically a report produced by the ILAB in 2009 called “List of Goods Produced by Child Labour or Forced Labour – Report Required by the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Acts of 2005 and 2008.”  Such statistics are notoriously subjective and estimated (note “researchers gathered evidence and made expert assessments about whether there is reason to believe that the manufacture or processing of a particular product in a particular country involved child labour, forced labour or bother), but they are also the best we have.

The report does not include assessment of forced and child labour in the service sector (which is huge), only products; but I appreciate this restriction, as it hones in the usual information overload.

I was also pleased by the transparency of this report. They seem to do their best with the data provided. Unlike many reports/infographics, they are clear about citing statistics, definitions and quotes, as well as providing access to the data explored.

In all, this infographic is integritous, interesting, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Get the poster here.

Stop reading for just 30 seconds and think about your place in this issue. Could it have been ‘you’ instead of ‘them’ laboring?

Soundtrack: Radiohead’s video ‘All I Need’.


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